5 Do’s and Dont’s on being Happy and Healthy

For ages people have walked the path of Yoga. You might wonder why this specific way of life has endured for so long and is increasing popularity. The answer lies in the reason of why this philosophy has started in the first place. Why are all these practices designed? Why did people start studying the mind? Why try to find out the meaning and origin of life in the first place? 
The answer is simple, the seekers tried to make an end to the suffering. In common words, they wanted to be happy and healthy. Now isn’t that what we all want? 

To truly be happy and healthy is not that easy. That is why from the perspective of traditional yoga we give you a few pointers. Follow these do’s and don’ts and you will see your health and happiness increase! 

treat every living being as if they were you

Every living creature on this planet has a purpose. No human being is bad, it is just that often we misunderstand others. In this misunderstanding we can hurt others, but wat we fail to see is that every time we get angry or upset, we actually generate our own unhappy feelings. Be friendly to those who are happy, help the people who are having a bad day, be happy for those who have achieved something you have not and let those who are not open for a positive attitude, be. You will create happiness in others, but especially in yourself.  
If you pretend that everyone is a past or future version of you, this might actually not be that hard! 

Don’t: let your happiness depend on others 

If you wait for someone else to fulfill your expectations, you will wait for happiness your whole life, but it will never come. Do not have expectations of others but take life into your own hand! Observe your mind and free yourself from negative thought patterns.  
The minute you realize you have everything in self-control, you will see that your happiness is at your doorstep. 

Do: be grateful for everything in life

We carry a lot of pride by thinking that everything we are and have, is because of our own accomplishments. The truth is that we thank our existence and upbringing to our parents, we thank our knowledge to the education system and our teachers, we thank our skills to all events and opportunities live has bestowed upon us. 
Be grateful to everyone and everything who played a role in your life, for the good or the bad, be grateful to whatever higher reality you believe in. You will find there is so much to be grateful for! 

Don’t: look for happiness in material possession 

There is so much to look for in the material world, we see advertisements, we see what others have or what they look like. But there is one realization that needs to be made. The moment you acquire the item of your desire, you will desire something else. The latest fashion will get outdated, the newest cellphone will be replaced with a better model, your new car will get scratches and everything will slowly decay.  
Use the tools in the material world for the purpose that they are made, but remember, if you have not needed it before, you do not need it now! Attachment to anything will only lead to suffering. 

Do: exercise on a daily basis

Keeping your body and mind healthy can only happen if you exercise, preferably aerobic exercise such as Yoga. Doing this every day is the best maintenance for your body and your mind. You will notice it gives you energy and a clear mind. It will bring you long-lasting health and happiness.

Don’t: look for happiness in pleasures or sensations

Life offers us so many pleasures, every time we eat and drink, we look for satisfying our tastebuds, we are surrounded by stimulants for sexual pleasures and when we have a moment to spare, we look for entertainment by media or extreme activities. But if you think of it, these are all short-lasting sensations, and the moment they are over, we are left with dissatisfaction. We either want more or we are physically exhausted or in pain, in long-term it might even lead to illness. Moreover, all these emotions are draining out our energy and nutrient supply, which are so important for us to feel healthy and happy. 

Do: see every challenge as a good thing! 

Stress is the most destructive cause of reducing our health and happiness. A lot of stress can be avoided by changing our mental attitude. Take every challenge as an opportunity to grow, to overcome your difficulties. Every challenge is just temporary. Take them up immediately, so negative feelings can have no seed. Once the challenge is over you will feel light, you will feel self-secure. 

Don’t: expect yourself to be perfect

In life we strive for perfection. This is a good quality that need to be nurtured, however you should not be hard on yourself when something does not go as you intended. Take it lightly and keep going. 

Do: learn what your body requires
Our body is a complex machine that does a lot of functions, many we are not even aware of. We are taking it for granted. Only with the right input our body can keep doing this for a long time. Investigate in what your body requires and keep looking for better products. 

Don’t: stop learning

Thinking that you already know is a dangerous trap of your mind. It is good to be content about what you have learned, but do not let that be a reason to stop learning. Whatever you have learned do not forget to put it to practice! Keep growing and health and happiness are the joyful side effects. 

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