Chakra Meditation retreat with Guru Ashish L Vyas from India

Work with Prana and Mudras to activate your energy flow under the guidance of an Indian Guru.

About the Course

Exclusive week in which a Guru from India will come to help you activate the flow of energy in your body. Experience chakra meditation with simple breathing techniques, hand gestures and intentions.
You will learn about and practice all the different parts of Hatha Yoga.
Balance your posture, your breath and your mind and then experience how to activate the power to control for example your body temperature, your physical strength, your immunity, your resistance against outside influences and healing your self.

The Yoga system brings us a lot of different practices to work on ourselves. Since 2019, Centre Lothlorien teaches the ‘Yoga Way of Life’, in which you learn to gradually integrate these practices in your life. The aim is to bring more brightness, lightness, health and happiness in to your life.
With a few adjustments in your lifestyle and mindset, with regular practice of Asana and Pranayama and by observing your mindset through Yoga philosophy, you can already feel the benefits of Yoga. This week however, Guru Ashish L. Vyas will come from India to help you discover the deeper layers of Yoga with Chakra Meditation.

The topics Mudra, Chakra, Prana and Meditation have become trends and are taught by many. What is not always understood, is that you are working with powers, that should not be messed with. Without the proper preparation or guidence, these practices will have no result, or might even do damage. This should only be done by an experienced Guru who has been initiated in these practices.

How does it work?
Your body is nothing else but a complex infrastructure of channels. We know about the gross channels which are responsible for the transportation of fluids, oxygen, nutrients and removal of waste. In Yoga and Ayurveda you learn about subtle channels, called Nadi’s. These are energy channels, present everywhere in your body, which are either blocked or open. In your body there are places where some of the main Nadi’s cross eachother. These energycenters are called Chakra’s.
Your lifestyle, your metabolism, your muscle growth, your body posture, your thoughtpatterns, all these effect your gross and your subtle channels. Channels can close because of a disbalance, or from a homeostatic reation to protect you from harm. For this reason the forcable activation of a Chakra or opening of a Nadi is not wise. That is why all the Hatha Yoga traditions include many practices, to first remove the disturbance or unbalance, before working with this energy.

Live in a natural daily rhytm. Wake up early, go to bed early. Eat your meals with intervals. Drink a lot of water. Do physical activity every day. Go outside every day. Do work that suits your personality. Have social interactions, but do not get consumed by temptations.

Sattvik Food
Do not overeat. Eat easily digestible food. Eat fresh, local and seasonal, home prepared meals. Eat your dinner early and do not eat after dinner.

Encourage positive thoughts. Do not let your mind get disturbed by outside influences. Do not blame others. Look for the learning effects of a situation. Love yourself.

Do relaxing (re)creative activities such as Meditation, walks in nature, making or listening to music, arts, painting, gardening, etc.

Clean the openings of your gross channels. There are nine. Kriya’s are specific techniques to remove accumelated waste and to keep your body and the senses functioning properly.

Asana helps in keeping a flexible body with a straight posture, by building lean muscles. All physical blockages can be removed.

Prana is the life energy, which is influenced by the breath. While the previous subjects help in freeing the channels, Pranayama also activates the flow of energy.

Mudra activates the Nadi’s by touch. With specific hand gestures and the right intentions, you can activate energy and steer it, for specific purposes.

Once you are clean, clear and comfortable, you can shut out all outside and inside interferences and find your true self. You can reach your ultimate potential.

The week is organized by Pinky More and Richard Slager. Especially for this week they have asked Guru Ashish L. Vyas to come from India.
Aashish L. Vyas is an Occultist (specialized in Numerology, Vastu, 7 Chakra, and Astrology) and CBT coach with over 15 years of corporate experience. With the help of his numerology interpretations and CBT expertise, he has helped his clients plan their life for a future filled with happiness, health, and wealth. His professional specialization includes various aspects of occult branches, helping people find their career, discovering their hidden strengths and weaknesses, enhancing partnership fit in business, probability of foreign settlements, etc. As a highly experienced therapist, he offers a range of high-intensity cognitive behavioral therapy-based interventions helping people change the negative pattern of thinking or behavior. His accurate numerological and astrological interpretations have helped many discover their destiny. He is “The Guru” who is constantly helping his student to discover the path to success. Apart from being a life-changing GURU, he is also an entrepreneur and an award-winning social worker actively making charities and bringing laurels to society.




– Yoga as it is taught in India;
– Remove blockages and activate your inner flow of energy;
– A complete package of all Yoga elements and practices;
– Personal attention and exercise adjusted to your capabilities;
– A beautiful estate in France in the middle of nature;
– Less than one day drive by car;




Arrival is on Sunday, in the evening there is an introduction to the weekly program.

The course program takes place from Monday morning to Friday. Below is an indication of what the program could look like.

05:00 – 06:00 early morning meditation
07:00 – 07:30 kriya
07:30 – 08:30 morning Asana
08:30 – 09:30 breakfast
09:30 – 11:00 explanation on Chakra’s and Mudra’s
11:00 – 11:30 tea break
11:30 – 13:00 pranayama and meditation
13:00              lunch and afternoon free to spent

We celebrate the weeks ending on Friday evening in a way that is appropriate to the program.
Saturday is the departure day.


Treatments and consultations:
– Personal Numerology, Astrology or Vastu Shastra consultation wits Ashish L. Vyas;
– Personal Yoga consultation with Pinky;
– Personal Ayurveda consultation with Richard;
– Ayurvedic massage and steam cabin.


The retreat takes place at Centre Lothlorien. Centre Lothlorien is an international guesthouse and course centre in the northeast of France at a center point of western Europe. It is situated in the rural areas of the Champagne-Ardenne region in a unique natural location surrounded by forests. The centre itself lies in a valley and covers approximately 14 acres with hills, fields, and 2 lakes. This energetic and relaxing place is an ideal base to find peace and tranquillity within you. Centre Lothlorien is a Dutch initiative.

At the centre, vegetarian meals are being prepared. We find healthy and tasty food important and use many organic products, often from our own vegetable garden, to prepare our meals.

Centre Lothlorien
Domaine de Moiron
52800 Foulain, France


Spacious Room in the Chateau
Centre Lothlorien offers comfortable characteristic guest rooms with French furniture. You have access to a shared bathroom.

Included in the package:
– Overnight stay for 6 nights
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner
– Coffee, tea and water
– All activities as listed in the program

Single use: EUR 870,- per person
Double use: EUR 780,- per person

Prices are excluding tax of EUR 4,- per person per week.


Log Cabin
Centre Lothlorien has quietly located wooden log cabins in between the trees.  Each house consists of 1 room with a double sofa bed (1.40 x 2.00m), a single bed (70cm x 2.00m) and a table and two chairs. The cabins have electricity and a simply furnished outdoor kitchen on the veranda.

The camping sanitary facilities include toilets, hot showers, spacious kitchen, refrigerator and washing room.

Included in the package:
– Overnight stay for 6 nights
All activities as listed in the program

Single use: EUR 630,- per person
Double use: EUR 525,- per person

Prices are excluding tax of EUR 4,- per person per week.
Linnen package is available for EUR 35,- per person per week.
Meals are not included but can be added to the reservation or booked up to the day before on site.


Place for Caravan or Tent at our Green Campsite
Centre Lothlorien has a green campsite with spacious pitches within in the walled orchard. Connection to electricity is possible on the caravan and camper pitches on the courtyard. The camping sanitary facilities include toilets, hot showers, spacious kitchen, refrigerator and washing room.

Included in the package:
– Overnight stay for 6 nights
– All activities listed in the program
Single use: EUR 474,- per person
Double use: EUR 444,- per person

Prices are excluding tax of EUR 4,- per person per week.
Meals are not included but can be added to the reservation or booked up to the day before on site.

More information about the accommodation can be found on


Practical information

Public Yoga mats are available, new Yoga mats are for sale, you may also bring your own mat.

At the location it is preferred you pay in cash. An ATM is available in the city of Chaumont which is 10 kilometres away.

The meals are vegetarian and ayurvedic. Upon request it is possible to accomodate vegan or low-in-gluten meals, a surcharge may apply.

Please contact us if you require a pick up from the Chaumont train station or Langres-Nord Flixbus stop.


We request a deposit of EUR 390,-. Only after receipt of this payment is the reservation final. The remainder can be paid on site.

In case of cancellation, the entire amount of the deposit will be refunded up to 2 months in advance. Half of the deposit will be refunded between 2 months to 1 month in advance. After that, there is no right to a refund.

If your course or stay cannot take place due to government measures (eg. negative travel advice), your reservation will be canceled free of charge, any payment will be refunded.

During the activities we ask you to behave as it befits a Yoga student. Please dress appropriately by wearing loose, non-revealing clothing.

No drugs are allowed at the center.

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