First lady of Yoga, Dr. Hansaji Yogendra comes to Europe

Dr. Hansaji Yogendra (Maa Hansaji) is the director of The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, the oldest organised yoga centre in the world. All her life, she has dedicated herself to simplifying the knowledge of ancient yoga traditions and making it available to everyone. She is a great inspiration to many people in India and with her television programmes and media, she influences many lives around the world. She is a warm loving woman who has answers to all questions and advice for every person in every situation.

In August, Maa Hansaji will come to France and the Netherlands to promote the traditional wisdom of Yoga. Yoga is more than physical exercises. Yoga is a holistic way of life that can make everyone’s life healthier and happier. Maa Hansaji is the living example of this way of life, her infinite knowledge is invaluable.

From 21 to 26 August, she will give a retreat at Centre Lothlorien in France. On 27 and 28 August, Maa Hansaji will be in the Netherlands for the first time. More info follows.

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